Our mission at Little Birdie Communications is to use our marketing powers for good. We believe that marketing shouldn’t be about scaring people into buying and consuming. Rather, it should inspire people to be better versions of themselves. The world can be changed one person at a time; sometimes people just need a little push in the right direction.

I founded Little Birdie Communications because I believe the world needs good, ethical, and positive marketing. I have worked in marketing for the nonprofit sector for 16 years, during which I have seen the importance of the work and the struggle to make ends meet when there is so much need.

Our specialty at Little Birdie Communication is digital marketing, including web, social, mobile, and video. When creating a fully integrated marketing communications campaign, we work with wonderful professionals who round out our portfolio. We approach each marketing challenge as a team, working with you and our staff to fully understand your challenges and opportunities, your target audience, and to tailor a campaign that meets those needs.

Dana SheehanWith Warm Marketing Wishes,

Dana Sheehan