Authenticity Isn’t Just a Buzzword

Dana Sheehan/ Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media

Authenticity. It’s been the buzzword in social media marketing as of late, and it’s something that I take very seriously. However, you can’t make yourself “more authentic.” If you do a Google search on how to be authentic on social media, you won’t run out of articles to read. However, you can’t strategize how to be more authentic. You just are.

I started thinking about authenticity this week when I was listening to the UnPodcast (which is a must-listen). The hosts, Scott Stratten and Allison Kramer, were talking about how radio shows’ Facebook Pages are The Worst and I realized that I am really lucky to be able to listen to a radio station that doesn’t suck, particularly the morning show. Now, radio morning shows are a whole separate breed of horribleness. But I listen to Mikey and Big Bob – which may sound like your typical stupid radio show, but trust me, it’s not.

Mikey and Bob refuse to stoop to the typical morning radio show stunts. They don’t pay for fake phone calls (You know the ones – “My husband is cheating on me with my best friend and I don’t know what to do.” Seriously? You called into a RADIO show to get advice from random listeners? No. Those are all fake.). They don’t even have a producer. They just have fun. They find crazy stories and read them. They make up songs. They read tweets. They are just two guys having fun. And it’s great.

I love their show because they’re being themselves. They call their audience their producer because they share interesting stories on Twitter. They say all the time that they can’t believe they get paid to be on the radio, because they just love it so much. And that’s what makes them authentic. They love it. There are times when they’re talking about something that I don’t eve think is very funny, but the two of them are laughing so hard I start to laugh too. It’s contagious.

I have a quote on my bedroom wall that I see every morning when I wake up.

In a world where you can be anything, be yourself.

  • Etta Turner

I encourage you to be authentic. Not because it’s what’s currently trending. But because you should be you.

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[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@littlebirdiecom”]You can’t strategize how to be more authentic. You just are.[/tweetthis]

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@littlebirdiecom”]Be authentic. Not because it’s what’s currently trending. But because you should be you.[/tweetthis]

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