Howdy, pardners… just kidding (I couldn’t resist. Also, I may need a Disney intervention). Here’s a roundup of articles from the past week I’d like to share about social media, education, nonprofits, marketing, public relations, apps and more. Enjoy and be sure to share your favorites below. Can You Make Yourself Smarter?, New York Times Women in Technology Infographic, Biz Chick Blogs The New Adobe Creative Suite (CS6) is a Sign of the Mobile Times, eLearning Integrated Marketing: 4 Reasons Social Media is Needed, Social Media Today 6 Things You Don’t Know About Google+, Inc Magazine There’s an Internet Hall of Fame … and OtherRead More →

I’ve been noticing some great uses of the new Facebook Timeline for Pages. Here’s 10 unique takes, each showcasing what’s best about their brand. Pittsburgh Penguins One look at this page and I get all giddy inside at the thought of the playoffs (never mind they’re currently down 3-0 against the Flyers). UPMC I like the creative use of this space. UPMC doesn’t limit themselves to one image, but instead uses multiple images to reach each of their audiences. Everyone can find at least one image they relate to. Smash NBC’s show Smash is one of my new favorites. I love the use of theirRead More →

Facebook pages have started rolling out timeline. We’re all familiar with timeline on our profile pages, and I’m excited that it’s coming to pages. When you login to Facebook and go to a page you’re an admin of, you’ll see a notification that your page will be switched to timeline on March 30. You also have the opportunity to preview timeline, and, if you want, publish it now. I suggest you check it out and play around with it before publishing. Like your profile’s timeline, pages now have a feature image that visitors will see when they go to your page. You can also setRead More →

Part of my job as the “social media guru” at Shady Side (and I use the term “guru” lightly) is to explore the use of video in our social media messaging. I recently grabbed our Flip Camera and went to the Hillman Center for Performing Arts’ show Magic of the Night (the Hillman Center is on the SSA Senior School campus and has some great family-friendly shows). I got video of kids, students, teachers and staff saying Boo (and a few cackles) to the camera and edited it together. After a Twitter inquiry I found the site JewelBeat where I was able to download aRead More →

Go into your closet and pull out your best, most professional suit, the suit you would wear to an interview. How does it look? Is it clean, pressed, professional? This is the image you present to a potential employer or important client when you meet in person. Putting on a nice suit says “I take you seriously, take me seriously too.” Now go and Google yourself. Do you like what you see? Is it the image you want to present to the world? I hope so, because this is what others see. This is your personal brand. Everything counts: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, photos, postsRead More →

Ah, Twitter. It’s one of those things that everyone has heard of, but few use (I mean really use). People fall into one of three categories with Twitter: Use it everyday (or almost). Have an account, but don’t get it. Think it’s stupid. I have access to five Twitter accounts. Two are work related, one is for my freelance business, one is for my mommy blog, and one is just me. So, I guess you can say I’m a heavy Twitter user. However, I don’t check Twitter obsessively. I keep it up during the day. It’s my news feed so I know what’s going onRead More →