Create A Website Class

Dana Sheehan/ Branding, Entrepreneur, Professional Development

Tonight I am starting a new course called Create A Website for a local adult education organization. I love sharing my knowledge with the community, but I’ll tell you a secret – I usually learn as much, if not more, as they do!

Creating and teaching classes like these so beneficial for me. I love having an online course available so that anyone can learn from me at any time, but there’s something about teaching a roomful of people face-to-face that can’t be beat! The instant feedback lets me know if I’m explaining things in the best way. As technology changes and people become more comfortable, I find that things I once had to explain in detail have become second nature. That kind of feedback is invaluable as I work on future courses.

My very favorite thing about teaching a classroom is the light bulb moment – that Aha moment when you can see everything click in a student’s mind. Those are the best!

Here’s to your future light bulb moment!

Until next time,