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Dana Sheehan/ Social Media

Last week I had a great meeting with Eat The Butter founder Jenni Calihan to share with her some social media tips. Eat The Butter is a non-profit that is working to spread the word about Vintage Eating – basically, eating real food instead of diet food – through the power of mothers. Side note: permission to eat bacon, butter, and cheese? Sign me up!

I love Eat The Butter’s look, and Jenni has done a great job branding the organization. She is tapping into the mother-brigade, which is very smart. I mean, how great is this?:

Eat The Butter

Awesome, right?

Since Jenni’s target audience is mothers, we looked at a recent report from Pew Research Center about how parents use social media: Parents and Social Media. (If you’re not acquainted with Pew Research Center, take a look.) The study shows that Facebook is the top place where mothers interact, especially with other mothers, so we determined that she should focus her energy and advertising dollars there. That’s not to say she should ignore other sites – Twitter and Pinterest are also important.

One of the things Jenni was most confused about was what to focus on. She had done a lot of reading about social media, and was feeling a bit overwhelmed – which I can’t blame her because there is a lot of advice out there! There are no hard rules when it comes to social media. You can’t be everywhere at once, and you don’t want to be. It’s better to be good in a few places than to be spread too thin. At the end of the day, social media is about connecting with other people. When you are a one-person show, don’t worry about trying to be in too many places.

The best advice I can give is to be authentic. Just be YOU. You are awesome, you have great ideas, and you have a point of view that no one else has.

I’m really excited to see where Jenni takes Eat The Butter next. You can check out Eat The Butter at:

Twitter: @eatthebutterorg

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