Microsoft’s Bing Has A New Logo

Dana Sheehan/ Branding

Today, Microsoft is unveiling a new logo for it’s search engine Bing, which is the second largest search engine following Google (of course). Advertising Age got a preview of it yesterday: Microsoft Updates Bing Logo as Search Service Grows Up.

It’s not unusual for a company to tweak it’s logo now and then. I’m glad to see green instead of yellow, which is harder to read. The green definitely makes the logo more noticeable. Interestingly, and likely a coincidence, the original Bing logo from 2009 was blue (with a yellow accent) and their second logo from 2013 was yellow. Mix them together, and you get green! The other noticeable changes are an uppercase B and a streamlined image. Notice the bird in the white space, which is now sans tail.

I certainly think this logo better serves Bing. It’s easier to read, the image isn’t as off (that bird is not really obvious), and the capital B brings it more in line with Google. What do you think? An improvement? Not a big difference? Hate it?

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