What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Dana Sheehan/ Branding, Marketing

If you’ve never heard of guerrilla marketing, I’m not surprised. It’s one of those types of marketing that most businesses don’t even think about, but it can be very effective.

Guerrilla Marketing Is…

Guerrilla Marketing is sort of experimental marketing – it’s a way to share your message in a memorable, creative, low-cost way that has a big effect. Now, that might sound like “normal” marketing, but there’s a difference. Guerrilla marketing is usually one-off. It occurs for a limited time and can be found in usual places. For example…

In the Bathroom

A bar bathroom is not the place where you would expect to find a marketing campaign, but that’s exactly what makes it Guerrilla Marketing.


In a word, Guerrilla Marketing should be powerful. This video was created by We Saves Lives, which is a nonprofit dedicated to preventing drunk, drugged, and distracted driving. Of course, in this case, the group of people who interacted with this campaign was small, but the video of it allowed it to be shared, and the message to spread.

You Can Use Guerrilla Marketing Too!

This type of marketing isn’t just for big brands. In fact, it’s very useful for small businesses and nonprofits that don’t have a big budget. And because each campaign is unique, there are so many options! It’s very hard to give good examples, because each one should be different. The Creative Guerrilla Marketing website has a lot of examples. Check it out to get some inspiration, then challenge yourself to come up with some Guerrilla Marketing ideas.

Image Credit: Ryan McGuire, Gratisography